Municipal Court

Coshocton Municipal CourtThe Coshocton Municipal Court handles traffic and criminal arraignments, bond hearings, preliminary hearings of felony cases, pre-trials, court trials, jury trials, plea changes, and weekly intensive supervised probation hearings. Other oral hearings scheduled include; probation revocation hearings for both supervised and unsupervised probation, temporary protection order hearings and hearings for modifications of temporary protection orders, hearings on summonses for failure to pay fines and costs, status and review hearings as to payment progress, show cause hearings in contempt for failure to complete terms of suspended sentence, modification of sentence (or of bond) hearings, bond forfeiture hearings, hearings as to immobilized and impounded vehicles, suppression of evidence hearings, small claims hearings, hearings for occupational driving privileges on suspensions, competency hearings, judgment debtor hearings, hearings as to wage garnishments and bank attachments, judgment revivor hearings, expungement hearings, and hearings as to forcible entry and detainer actions (evictions), as well as weddings.


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