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Tax Department located at Coshocton City HallThe Income Tax Division was enacted in the mid 1970’s and is responsible for the administration and collection of city income tax.  The current tax rate is 2% and is the primary source of revenue for the services of the City of Coshocton.For general guidelines and instructions for filing, click the link below “Tax Instruction Guidelines”.

The City’s Codified Ordinances are available online.  Codified Ordinances of the tax division can be found here (Under "Part One Administrative Code").

Income Tax OfficeFor any questions concerning our tax code or for assistance in completing the Individual Income Tax Return, please contact the Income Tax Office located in City Hall.

October 21, 2015

As required by Ohio Revised Code effective 1/1/2016 for tax years 2016 and greater, the City of Coshocton is releasing the mandated interest and penalty charges.

Per the Ohio Revised Code, 718.27 operative 1/1/2016:

Effective January 1, 2016 penalty for late withholding payment is 50% of tax due.  Monthly withholding payments according to state law must be “received” in office by the 15th.  Please note this is received not postmarked. Quarterly withholding payments are due on the 15th of the month and postmark is accepted.

New Monthly Threshold according to state law - must file monthly if prior year withholding exceeded 2,399.00 or if total amount of taxes withheld in the month exceeds $200.00

For July 2015, the Annual Short-term AFR is 0.48%  so the annual interst rate for tax year 2016 tax obligations will be 5% annually or 0.417% per month (or part thereof) of the tax not paid by the due date.

This interest rate of 0.417% per month (or part thereof) will be in effect for withholding tax for tax year 2016 not paid by the due date.

The Federal Short Term Rate is available on the following webpage:

The interest and penalty charges for prior tax years before 1-1-16 remain the same.


On May 5, 2015 the voters of Coshocton passed a ½% income tax increase to help support safety services.

Effective July 1, 2015 the tax rate will be increased to 2%. Those city residents working in another municipality or village will receive a 50% (1%) credit of the city tax rate of 2%

For your convenience, we have provided documents below that can be downloaded to your computer and printed.

Business Registration
Contractor Registration
Definition of Contractor Trades

Coshocton City Income Tax Office Goes Green

In an effort to save tax dollars, taxpayers will no longer receive tax forms by mail. Postcards will be mailed to all those taxpayers that are currently active in our system. Not receiving a post card does not exempt you from filing (please see the instruction sheet on the link below for further instructions).

All forms are available in the links below. As an added convenience we have added a calculating tool. Please note this is not a submitting tool. After entering your information you will need to print and mail your form to our office.

Any questions, please contact our office at 740-622-9515.

Forms will also be available at the following locations:

Coshocton Tax Office 760 Chestnut Street Coshocton, Ohio 43812
Coshocton Post Office: 516 Chestnut Street Coshocton, Ohio 43812
Coshocton Public Library: 655 Main Street Coshocton, Ohio 43812 

Jackie Cushman
Tax Administrator (click to email)

Current Tax Forms:
2015 Tax Return Instructions
2015 Individual/Business Return
2016 Estimated Payment Coupons

2016 Monthly Withholding & Year End Reconciliation Booklet
2016 Quarterly Withholding & Year End Reconciliation Booklet

Tax Forms From Previous Years:
2014 Tax Return Instructions
2014 Individual/Business Return
2014 Individual Vouchers

2015 Monthly Withholding Booklet
2015 Quarterly Withholding Booklet
2013 Individual/Business Return
2013 Individual Vouchers
2014 Monthly Withholding Booklet
2014 Quarterly Withholding Booklet

2012 Tax Return Individual/Business
2013 Quarterly Installment for Estimated Payments
2013 Monthly Withholding Booklet
2013 Quarterly Withholding Booklet

Links to Federal and State of Ohio Tax Forms can be found below. 

Federal Tax Form Link                                      
State of Ohio Tax Form Link
Ohio Revised Code - Municipal Income Taxes

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